Our Story


We are a couple of Southern Vermont natives who are passionate about cost-effective sources of renewable energy in the Northeast. Our first experience with solar was back in 2008. The system cost $8/w and the installation was hard! Nine years have since passed and now we have installed more than 800 kW of solar (150 homes worth) and halved our per watt costs.

We realized that installing solar is no longer as hard as it once was! A reasonably handy person can install their own solar and save a ton of money doing so. But, the average person needs some help. Which panels? What permits? How do I get my system connected to the grid?

DIY Solar was created to guide the handy homeowner through the installation process, saving them at least $5,000 along the way.



Install your own solar.

We've honed the process of installing residential and small commercial solar. Let us guide you through it!